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Modern Eatery & Market Space with Historic Roots 
Occidental, CA

All About Me


Where we ARE

60 miles north of San Fransisco, along the Bohemian Hwy and nestled between redwoods you will find the hilltop valley town of Occidental. Rich with history from the North Pacific Railroad, logging and the Italian settlers who made Occidental a restuarant town in the 1950's. 

Wh0 we ARE

Owners, mothers, and wife team, Jenay and Andzia Hofftin have vision and love executing them. They share a love for gathering around a table, hosting and celebrating all good things. They were set up while Andzia was working at a Micheline star restaurant in San Francisco and Jenay was teaching and running her yoga retreat center and organic farm in the hills of west Sonoma County. It didn't take long before Andzia moved north, studied herbalism and started taking the Lotus Feed Retreat to the next level. 

Farm to table didn't quite encompass what they were doing and so they coined their work Seed to Service. From sowing the seeds, planting, harvesting, transforming and then serving the organic bounty.

Word traveled, and their retreat center was fully booked May - October with yogis and locals traveling from abroad to experience the space that they had created. 

Looking to fill a gap within their own community, the two decided to bring their synergy to town. For two years they slowly planned, and remodeled a derelict family building in Occidental with dreams of creating a public space to eat farm fresh organic food, gather, and be surrounded by beautiful things.



The Altamont Family farm is located just 4 miles west of Occidental. With sweeping views of the Pacific and diverse native forests, the farm is a true dream of fertile and wild land used to cultivate organic produce to feed our community.

The land itself first began as Taylor Maid Farms. Herbs for the (then) Taylor Maid Tea and Coffee Co. dotted the hillside, orchards were planted and experimental cobb and earthen houses were built. 

The second evolution of the land came in 2010 when Jenay made strides to build her dream retreat space. World class Yogi's like Shiva Rea came to the 80ft long communal table for day long movement classes and farm to table meals. 

Jenay and Andzia operated wellness retreats for 5 years, before starting their family and birthing the Altamont General Store. 

The land is currently providing the restaurant with fresh and organic produce. 




STORE: 707.874.6053



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